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Frequently Asked Questions about Madrid

Frequently Asked Questions about Madrid for travelers in Madrid

Some of the most common queries

We put at your disposal this list of frequently asked questions with some questions that we have been asked by people who have already visited Madrid. Do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form to make us yours.

Near my lodging

I can help you find the services you need that are close to your accommodation such as metro, bus or cab stops, parking, a health center, pharmacies, cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, parks, bicimad stations, among others.

Are there any supermarkets in Madrid open 24 hours a day?2023-04-12T18:31:31+01:00

Yes, there is. Some Carrefour Market supermarkets in Madrid are open 24 hours. Specifically those of: Cuatro Caminos, calle Tudescos 1 (metro Callao), calle Fuencarral 158 (metro Quevedo), calle de Orense 48 (next to Cuzco), calle de Valencia 2 (metro Lavapiés), Príncipe de Vergara 115 (Avenida de América interchange) and calle del Conde de Peñalver 15 (metro Goya).

Are there churches open in Madrid, at any time?2023-04-12T18:31:25+01:00

Well, there are also two. One is the church of San Antón and is located at Calle de Hortaleza 63 (9 minutes walking distance from Plaza de Callao and 5 minutes from Alonso Martínez) and the other one at Travesía de Belén 1, is called Misioneras del Santísimo Sacramento y María Inmaculada, also known in Madrid as Cachito de Cielo Church and which is next to the other.

Means of Transportation

Public transportation in Madrid can take you almost anywhere in the city, it is ideal to move easily and quickly, and avoid traffic jams or restricted areas. We can help you with the subway or bus stops closest to the places you want to visit, how and where you can purchase the Madrid Tourist Travel Pass and how much it costs, as well as advising you on a series of electric car rental apps in Madrid: cars or car sharing, motorcycles, electric scooters and bicycles. How Bicimad works and where its stations are located. We do not forget that one of the most common transports are made to or from the airport, we tell you how much it costs and if there are fixed rates.

How to get from the airport to Madrid in the most economical way?2023-04-12T18:32:15+01:00

Bus 114 and 115. The cost is 1.5 euros and it leaves you at the Avenida América interchange, from where 4 different metro lines depart. Buying a metro ticket, also for 1.5 euros, you can reach any point of the capital. Total cost: 3 euros.

Are there apps to rent electric cars or electric scooters in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:32:10+01:00

In Madrid you can rent a car, motorcycle, bicycle or electric scooter. The cheapest way is by far the bicycle (it is from Bicimad and costs 60 euro cents at the most, duration less than one hour). All other means of transport cost around 20 cents per minute. To move around Madrid, these means of transport are more appropriate than taking a cab (for example, to go to dinner).

What about a means of transportation that will give me a private tour of Madrid?2023-04-12T18:31:19+01:00

Of course it is: the Tuk Tuk Madrid Tours. The tuk tuk is relatively recent in Madrid and the truth is that it is good, because it fits 4 people. Mind you, it is not cheap, costing 116 euros. It is a good option for those who do not want to, or cannot, walk much. They offer several types of tours around Madrid. Take a look at the Tuk Tuk Madrid website.

But if you prefer walking, take a look at our proposals for routes through the Barrio de las Letras, the Madrid de los Austrias or the free tours in Madrid.


Are you a museum enthusiast? Would you like to visit museums for children in Madrid? In Madrid there are a huge number of museums of all kinds, for all types of audiences and interests. Some are as well known as the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia, the Thyssen Museum, the Wax Museum of Madrid or the Sorolla Museum. And other lesser known museums that will pleasantly surprise you as the Railway Museum, the Museum of Romanticism, the Naval Museum, the Costume Museum or the Museum of Illusions of Madrid, among many others. From Your Butler in Madrid we can inform you about opening hours, prices, free days, types of tickets, exhibitions or temporary art fairs.

Are there free admission days to museums in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:31:42+01:00

Yes, in all of them there is a possibility to get free tickets to museums in Madrid. For example, the Prado Museum has free admission from Monday to Saturday from 18:00 to 20:00 and Sundays and holidays from 17:00 to 19:00.

Is it worth going to El Museo de las Ilusiones in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:31:13+01:00

Please note that the entrance fee is between 10 and 14 euros. You have one hour to see it. Perhaps it is aimed more at children than adults, but adults will also enjoy it as children. If you are wondering where is the Museum of Illusions in Madrid, I will tell you that it is located at Doctor Cortezo 8, just 5 minutes walk from Puerta del Sol.

What is on display at the Museo del Romanticismo in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:31:05+01:00

Romanticism was a movement dating from the first half of the 19th century. You can see paintings, drawings, prints, clothing, furniture and many other things from that era. The Museo del Romanticismo de Madrid is located very close to the Tribunal metro station (line 1), a 10-minute walk from Puerta del Sol. Admission is 3 euros, but on Saturdays (from 14:00) and Sundays it is free.

How much does the entrance fee to the Railway Museum of Madrid cost?2023-04-12T18:30:59+01:00

The entrance fee to the museum is 6 euros, although on weekends it is reduced to 3 euros. The museum offers an insight into the history of the railroad. The Railway Museum is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, except on Saturdays, when it is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. A 10 minute bike ride from Puerta del Sol will take you to the Delicias metro station where the Railway Museum in Madrid is located.

What can you find in El Museo del Traje in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:30:53+01:00

This museum exhibits collections of clothing from several centuries, you will make a chronological tour appreciating the evolution of the garments by periods. If you are wondering how to get to the Museo del Traje in MadridI will tell you that the museum is located not very far from the Moncloa Lighthouse20 minutes by bike from Puerta del Sol, but my recommendation is that you go by public transportation, the nearest subway Museo del Traje de Madrid is Ciudad Universitaria on line 6, or metro Moncloa, line 3 and 6. This museum offers several interesting things: first, you can take a virtual tour by computer from its website; second, on Saturdays, from 2:00 pm, and Sundays it is free.

Do you recommend going to El Museo Naval de Madrid?2023-04-12T18:30:46+01:00

Without any doubt, it is a detailed tour through Spanish naval history, quite interesting and curious to visit. Admission to the museum is free and it is very close to the Madrid City Hall, the Bank of Spain and the Cibeles Fountain, all of them, more than enough incentives not to miss a visit to this museum. If you still have doubts, we invite you to read our article about our visit to the Naval Museum in Madrid.

Lost, stolen or forgotten items

We can help you with the steps to follow if something as important as your passport or ID card is lost or stolen, we will tell you where is the nearest police station, the lost and found office in Madrid and what are the steps to follow. If you have lost or forgotten an item in your accommodation or hotel, we can help you find it and get it to you as soon as possible.

Where can I report a theft?2023-04-12T18:30:40+01:00

The best National Police Station in the Madrid-Centro district to report robberies is in Leganitos street, next to Plaza de Callao. The telephone number for foreign tourists is 902 102 112. In this particular case, if you write me, I’ll give you my cell phone and I’ll see how to help you.

Bars, taverns, restaurants and nightlife

If there is something in Madrid, it is bars, restaurants, taverns, cafes, pastry shops… and incredible places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. We help you find the ones you are most interested in, by taste or proximity to the accommodation. We will inform you of their opening and closing hours, and at what time it is best to visit them. How to make a reservation and whether or not it is appropriate to tip waiters. By the way, do you have special dietary needs? no problem, we can help you find places that offer menus for allergy sufferers, celiacs, vegans, vegetarians, etc.

Do people in Spain tip in restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.?2023-04-12T18:32:05+01:00

No. This is not the United States. In Spain a waiter does not expect a tip.

Is there any place to dine where I will find ambiance and good food any day of the week?2023-04-12T18:30:15+01:00

There are two places with a style that seems to me quite similar to what I have seen in other European cities, both are very original and innovative gastronomic markets in Madrid. The
San Ildefonso Market
(Calle de Fuencarral Madrid) next to the Tribunal subway station, and the
San Miguel Market
next to Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. Two very busy places, with lots of atmosphere at any time of the day and week, with a wide variety of food and where lunch or dinner will be a real treat (the kind to upload photos to instagram). Do not hesitate to go for a drink at a gastronomic market in Madrid, it will be a unique experience that you will want to repeat… you will feel like a local. It is worth going to see these markets even without eating.

What about vegetarian restaurants in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:30:07+01:00

Vegetarian restaurants for lunch or dinner you can find them on the internet because there are many pages where you will find information about the site and customer reviews, but if you want to know some for other times, here you have them:


May it help you online: Barganzo

Brunch and don’t close the kitchen: Forbidden Fruits

Bookstores and stores in Madrid

One of the events of the year in Madrid if you are an avid reader is the Madrid Book Fair held every year in the Parque del Buen Retiro, we can tell you when it is held, its schedule and recommendations to attend and avoid crowds and high temperatures. If you visit Madrid at any other time you will find an infinite number of bookstores, both large and varied, as well as small and specialized, for example, in sports, travel, cinema or comics, among others. Some of them organize occasional events such as workshops, presentations, conferences, book signings, storytelling or literary gatherings. If your thing is to get lost among mountains and mountains of second-hand books and discover authentic gems from another time, we will tell you where to go, for example, you can not miss a visit to the bookstores of the Cuesta Moyano. We can also recommend other charming stores near your accommodation.

When is the Book Fair in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:30:01+01:00

The next Madrid Book Fair 2023 will be held from May 26 to June 11. You will have to go to Retiro Park to see it. It is open air and free of charge.

You will also be interested to know that there is an Antique Book Fair in Madrid, dedicated to old and antique books. You will find it in Paseo de Recoletos between late September and mid-October 2023, also outdoors and also free of charge.

And any bookstore worth visiting? not to buy books, but for tourist interest.2023-04-12T18:29:54+01:00

Of course it is. As we saw in our first post, there are bookstores that are worth visiting because of how beautiful they are. The desnivel bookstore, with its mountain books, and the Miguel Miranda bookstore, with its staircase in the center, are true works of art.

And the Taschen Store Madrid (at Calle Barquillo 30), for books on design, art, film and architecture, among others, in several languages. Also very nice aesthetically speaking.

In addition, we can tell you that the publishing house La Librería, at Calle Mayor 80, specializes in books about Madrid.

Outdoor and sports in Madrid

You don’t want to stop practicing your favorite sport when you visit us, no problem, contact us and we will recommend you the best outdoor venues in Madrid for jogging, skating, walking such as the Retiro Parkthe Casa de Campo, the Juan Carlos I Park, Madrid Río or any other of the many in Madrid. If cycling is your thing, we will tell you how to access the bike lane and which are the best routes. For indoor sports we can tell you the best gyms, sports centers and sports centers, the ones with the best opening hours or those that are close to your accommodation, and what requirements you need as a visitor to use them during your stay in Madrid.

Are there places to do sports in Madrid (e.g. jogging)?2023-04-12T18:31:57+01:00

Of course it is: the Retiro Park or the Canal de Isabel II Park are very popular with athletes. If you are going to be in Madrid for a period of time there are apps to sign up to play soccer, paddle, etc. You don’t need anyone, you download the app, sign up for a game and go play. There are every day.

What are the opening hours of the Retiro Park in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:29:48+01:00

In 2023, Retiro Park opens from 6am to 10pm in winter (October 29, 2022 to March 26, 2023) and from 6am to 12am (summer, March 26 to October 29). But importantly, there is a person who closes the different doors. The first one that closes and the schedule I have told you is for the one next to the Puerta de Alcalá. For example, the one in front of the Casón del Buen Retiro closes 10 minutes later. And there is one that is always open, the one facing Atocha.

Events and shows

Madrid’s cultural offer is very varied in terms of subject matter and cost. You will be able to attend many interesting free tours or guided excursions in Madrid, as well as attend cultural or sporting events, shows, theaters, concerts and live performances. We can help you find where to buy your tickets depending on the event you are interested in, how to get there by public transportation or if there is a parking lot nearby.

Is it possible to get tickets to see Real Madrid?2023-04-12T18:31:37+01:00

Yes, both soccer and basketball. Write me and I will tell you how to buy them.

Weather in Madrid during my stay

There are only a few days left for your trip to Madrid and you don’t know what to pack in your suitcase… ask us about the weather in Madrid and we will be happy to inform you.

How much rain does it usually rain in Madrid?2023-04-12T18:31:49+01:00

It does not usually rain a lot, in fact it rarely rains, but if it does rain, it is usually in winter. If it’s going to rain, I’ll tell you when.

Plans with children in Madrid

Interested in finding activities during your visit that the little ones can also enjoy? We inform you about shows, museums to go with children in Madrid, open-air puppet shows, how to visit the Casa del Ratoncito Pérez, children’s bookstores, toy stores… and everything that might interest you.

Are there any free shows to do with children?2023-04-12T18:29:42+01:00

If you are traveling to Madrid with the little ones and you are looking for something fun and entertaining to do with children in Madrid, we propose one of the best things to do with children in Madrid. In the Retiro Park, accessing through the entrance at the Puerta de Alcalá, you will find the Teatro de Títeres del Retiro, you can take a look at their website where you will see how to download the free tickets. A 2 year old child can go without problems (I know because I have gone with my one and a half year old son).

What about a non-free plan that is original?2023-04-12T18:29:36+01:00

From 3 years old they will have a great time in the museum of the Casa del Ratoncito Pérez in Madrid, next to the Puerta del Sol (calle Arenal 8). We have made a visit to tell you all the details, discover it in our Blog.

I travel with pets

Not traveling alone and worried about where to find services for your pet? Don’t worry, we can help you find Pet Friendly places to eat, pet stores, daycare services, dog walkers, veterinary centers and emergency services. In addition to the best parks to walk and run around with him.

Is there a veterinarian in Madrid Centro, near Puerta del Sol?2023-04-12T18:29:29+01:00

There is a veterinarian in Cedaceros 5, next to Puerta del Sol (5 minutes walking distance) and Sevilla subway (2 minutes walking distance). Check opening hours and services on the website of the Veterinary Clinic Los Madrazos.

Other items of interest

And anything else we have forgotten and you can think of to ask us.


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